As a mom, I find myself on the road a lot.  Sometimes all by myself….sometimes with my kids and sometimes with a crew of kids.  Each presents an opportunity. Alone, I listen to the news (usually NPR) and think.  With my kids, we talk about their day or things going on with them, and things happening in the world.  With a crew, well, sometimes, I just listen and sometimes we have interesting conversations.

The idea for this blog started with all of the thinking that I do on the road.  There have been days locally, that I have been on the road for 6 or 8 hours.  And then there are drives to college visits or interviews that put us on the road for 10 or 12 or more hours.  Times when we didn’t have the time to stay over night and did a quick up and back drive of 5 hours each way…

Anyway, it just seemed that a blog was in order.

Now, you will see that it is also filled with cycling info, because that is my preferred method of transport and every single ride results in ponderings….. if only there was a way to transcribe the thoughts directly to paper.  I did try recording them via audio recording and I found that as soon as I started to say them out loud, they changed.

If you are a Mom or Dad on the road, thinking, pondering the future…. talking with kids, register and join the conversation!  Leave a comment, post an article become a contributor.

I love stories from the road.  If you are cycling — then definitely share your stories. Stories of new connections, insights into the world, neighbors, global communities.

You can see that the possibilities here are vast!  And then, the open road is a vast place to be.  it is filled with ideas and thoughts that can change us. I hope you will share yours.